Primula S.A. is the successor of "A. Arampatzidis & Co." company which was established back in 1969. For half a century, Primula S.A. has been gaining worldwide recognition by being committed to its high technical standards and providing constant quality - the basic principles that underpin its philosophy.

Primula S.A. succeeds in bringing unique innovative ideas to the Ironing, Finishing and Pressing Industry through its excellent facilities, highly skilled technical staff, and technological infrastructure. Every product is manufactured in accordance with the European standards of quality and safety.

In Primula S.A., the capability of effectively researching and designing according to the customers' needs and requirements is the factor that brings success to all business relationships.
The qualified staff provides Primula S.A. with the strength to react quickly and be adaptable. The customer support and assistance is particularly essential, thus Primula's members consider the After Sales Service significant for establishing strong and creative business bonds.



In 1969, A. Arampatzidis & Co. starts its activity from a small workshop in the center of Thessaloniki, Greece. Mr. Arampatzidis A. designs and manufactures his first ironing tables, steam generators and pressing machines there. The company soon equips with its machines the largest Greek clothing manufacturing companies of the '70s and '80s.


The company develops under the name Primula S.A. and its reputation is spreading outside the Greek boarders. The first exports begin in 1988 and within a few years Primula S.A. is widely recognized as a leading company in the field of ironing and pressing manufacturing, since it delivers the best results to the most demanding markets.


Primula S.A. now expands in more than 30 countries worldwide and is the only Greek company in the field with international presence. As its third generation is now managing its operations, Primula S.A. invests in new technology and solutions that improve the process of clothing production.

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